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Los siguientes enlaces hablan hacerca de las tecnicas de deposicion por plasma (Especificamente PVD) y quiza pueden ser de su interes.

AJA International, Inc. (est. 1989) began as a supplier of innovative thin film, vacuum and microwave products. In 1991 the company introduced the first commercial, con-focal, sputter tool with a rotating substrate and magnetron heads which could be tilted without breaking vacuum. This innovation yielded extremely uniform depositions of single layers, multi-layers and alloys and has become the benchmark by which other R&D sputtering systems are measured - the ATC Series Sputtering System.
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Micro Photonics Inc is the leading source of advanced instrumentation for scientific and industrial research. Thousands of clients rely on us for innovative solutions, technically superior products, confident application assistance, and comprehensive laboratory contract service. Since 1992 we have helped find solutions in tribology, nano-indentation, adhesion and scratch testing, profilometry, micro-tomography, imaging and other related fields of materials and thin films research. Our instruments can be found in distinguished educational and industrial organizations ranging from automotive to cosmetic, biotechnology to medical devices, microelectronics to space applications.
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Plasmaterials, Inc. was established in 1987 to service the needs of the thin film industry by supplying a diversified line of high purity deposition materials, and related services to scientists and engineers in the research and development community.

Plasmaterials, Inc. is a leader in providing high purity materials for all types of thin film applications. Whether the requirement is for large area, single piece, enhanced design, base metal alloys for architectural glass coating, or high purity semiconductor alloys, Plasmaterials can provide state-of-the-art materials to meet the most demanding needs.

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Somos una empresa que brinda a nivel mundial soluciones innovadoras , integrales y de alto valor agregado, en el campo del control de la contaminación. Mediante innovación, desarrollo, comercialización y servicio de equipos y sistemas que ofrecen seguridad a la población, al producto y/o al medio ambiente. Nuestros clientes son quienes generan o necesitan del control ambiental en cualquiera de sus formas.

Nuestras empresas cuentan con certificaciones de calidad ISO 9000 y 9001 que nos dan el respaldo y garantía en los servicios que ofrecemos, contamos con profesionales altamente calificados y con equipos e instrumentos innovadores y de última tecnología.

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Telemark is a privately-owned California Corporation, which entered the evaporation components business in March, 1990. The product range has since expanded to include water vapor cryotraps, quartz crystal deposition controllers, optical instrumentation, and magnetic fluid feedthrus. More recently, Telemark has forged a partnership with Saintech Pty Limited to offer innovative Ion Beam Sources. Products are manufactured at two factories in Hayward and Novato, California, a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai, China, and the Saintech facility in Sydney, Australia. Sales and Service Support is provided by Telemark employees in the USA, Taiwan and China, and by a network of agents and representatives in other countries.

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UHV Sputtering Inc. , located in Northern California , was founded in 1990 as a high quality supplier of thin film coated substrates for the semiconductor, electronic, microwave, medical and RF industries. UHV also offers state-of-the-art bonding services and target materials.
  Para mayor información por favor visite la pagina oficial de UHV Sputtering Inc -  

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