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1. "The Effect of Substrate Temperatures on Tribological Behavior of Ti-Al-N Coating Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering" . 52 Society of Vacuum Coating 2009(37-43) ISSN: 0737-5921.
2. "The Tribological Characteristics of TiN, TiC, TiC/TiN Films Prepared by Reactive Pulse Arc Evaporation Technique" 52 Society of Vacuum Coatings 2009(32-36) ISSN:0737-5921..
3. "Tribological Propierties of Duplex - TiN Coatings on Duplex Process Applied in Chrome Based Steels " 52 Society of Vacuum Coatings 2009(44-49) ISSN: 0737-5921
4. J. Cuellar, A. Neira A Ruden, F Sequeda, "Structural and Tribological Propierties of Chromium Nitride - NiCrNx Films on H-13 Tool Steels Produced by DC - Reactive Magnetron Sputtering" 51st Annual Technical Conference Proceedings, Chicago, IL, April 19-24, 2008 (678-683). ISSN: 0737-5921".
5. M. Muñoz, A. Neira, A. Ruden, F. Sequeda, D. Diercks. "Effect of Proccess Variable on the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering ZrMx Films Deposited on AISI D3 and 4140 Steel". 51st Society of Vacuum Coatings, 2008 (673-677). ISSN 0737-5921."
6. J. M. González, A. Neira, A. Ruden, F. Sequeda, A. Devia. "Influence of Substrate Temperature on Structure and Tribological Propierties of TiAlNV". 51st Annual Technical Conference Proceedings, Chicago, IL, April 19 -24, 2008 (666-672). ISSN: 0737-5921.
7. M. Muñoz, A. Ruden, J. Restrepo, J. M. González, A,. Neira, F. Sequeda "Effect of Nitrogen Flow in Structure and Preferential Orientation and DFT Analysis of ZrN Deposited by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering". Rev. Latinoamericana de Metalurgia y Materiales 2009 (1009-10013) ISSN: 0255-6952.
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